My Grand Theft Auto V Mods

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My Grand Theft Auto V Mods

Post by Splurkey on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:00 pm

Open All Interiors: Accessible interiors

PC Trainer V: A useful trainer with many functions.

Customize Plate: A mod which allows you to change your cars plate. (Not needed if you install Single Player Garage)

IV Style Exit Vehicle: A GTA IV style exit vehicle animation with Engine on/off feature added!

Simple Passenger: A mod which allow a ped to drive for you.

Ambulance Mini-Missions: A Paramedic mod inspired by the previous versions of GTA

Vigilante: A Vigilante mod inspired by the previous versions of GTA

Single Player Garage: A 10 Car Garage in Multiplayer added in Single Player

Premium Deluxe Motorsports Car Shop: Making Premium Deluxe Motorsports Car Shop a working Car Shop

Blinkers Mod: Makes the turn signal lights functionable

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